Belkin first teased their latest USB Cable in the lead up to CES 2017, and then announced them in Australia a few months later. Now the USB C variants are hitting Australian shelves and I’ve got my hands on one. Yes, brace yourselves, here’s a post entirely about a USB-C cable.

First up, yes I have a cable problem, I admit it I like having nice cables that provide strong durability, reliable charging and conform to the UIF standards and won’t blow up my gear. Belkin is a manufacturer you can trust to get all of that right and make a sexy cable in the process, again I know I have a cable OCD problem.

What’s so special about the Belkin Mixit DuraTek USB C Cable? Well for a cable nerd quite a bit. Firstly the cable comes with an Australian 5-year warranty for normal wear and tear, so no feeding it to your cat. The long warranty is in part due to the Kevlar core that Belkin has added to both the cable bundle and into the internal wire bundles aswell, the addition of Kevlar makes the cable more resistant to bends, tangles stretches and other normal cable insults.

In addition to the fancy Kevlar, the cable itself is jus well-made with a braided nylon non-tangle and durable outer skin, fully molded USB C connectors and an aluminum shield at each end to protect the internal circuit board (required for USB C’s reversibility) from damage. At 1.2 meters in length, it’s also slightly longer than traditional 90cm cables, which is something I personally appreciate.

At a retail price of $39.95 it may not be the cheapest cable on the market, but with full support for USB C charging up to 60W you can charge anything from your phone to your laptop with this cable. Having bought and rebought cheaper cables over the years I’ve come around to the value of a good cable.

The Mixit DuraTek USB C comes in Black, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver variants, Belkin also offers a Micro USB option in the same colours for $29.95 (and a lightning version for $39.95), I might just have to get a few of these so all of my cables match. I found it at JB but I’d expect them to be available more widely as time goes on, alternatively you can always buy from Belkin direct.