As Google’s collection of user-generated reviews grows through initiatives like the Local Guides program Google is ammasing a vast collection of information that can be useful to all of us. What happens however if you’re visiting a “foreign place” and can’t read the local language?

As of today, Google will just translate that for you from the local language into your default system language. Yep, Next time you’re in Barcelona wanting to know the best place to get some Jarmon, or Berlin wanting to know who serves a ‘Boot’ of lager, Google Maps can show us all of the reviews in English.

Google hasn’t spelt out exactly which languages are supported, however, due to the English centred nature of Google I think it’s safe to assume it’s in the “in list”. While probably simple to implement it’s this kind of refinement that really make you appreciate some of Google’s non-messaging related offerings!

Source: Google.
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Ryan Stevens

It’s really great post and also let us know about this news.