We all know these days that our phones hold a huge deal of our personal information. Whether it’s your email passwords, social media content, sensitive pictures or your banking information, this data is stored in your phone’s files to make access quicker and easier for you while you’re on the go.

However, when you connect to the internet to make these apps and services usable, the information can be at risk, no matter where you might be. That’s why having an Android solution to these threats on your side is a must.

AVG Antivirus Protection for mobile is free, and provides you with everything you need to make using your smartphone a stress-free, worry-free experience, regardless of the content you’re accessing. Some of the biggest benefits this service can offer you and your Android device include:

  • Free spam protection. This means blocking callers, SMS messages, emails and more that contain spam from reaching you, to make sure you’re having the most stress-free experience with your device on a day-to-day basis.
  • Provide you with several anti-theft services, such as locking your phone to unwanted guests, providing you with ways to locate your Android device remotely, wipe your phone’s card of sensitive information remotely, and much, much more.
  • Gives you a way to hide your most sensitive photos in an encrypted vault, so no one can invade your privacy without your knowledge.
  • Offers you a way to wipe your phone of messages, call logs and other information remotely.
  • Sends you photos of anyone who fails to unlock your phone 3 times so you’ll always know who’s trying to invade your personal information.

These kinds of tools aren’t just useful if your phone gets stolen. How many of you leave your phone on your desk at work while visiting the loo, or making a coffee? What if your colleagues are rifling through your phone? It can happen.

AVG Antivirus Protection offers all of these amazing benefits and many more in order to make your phone more secure while you’re on the go, and generally helps to make your smartphone experience a less worrisome one. Keep your information and phone safe from intruders and thieves alike with one simple, easy-to-use service.

AVG AntiVirus & Security
AVG AntiVirus & Security
Developer: AVG Mobile
Price: Free
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Come on, AVG is garbage and borders on being malware itself. If this is who you’re accepting sponsored content from, I’m very disappointed with this site.