If you’ve ever wandered aimlessly through a parking garage looking for where you parked then Google Maps latest feature, parking reminders, will help you out.

The latest feature in Google Maps has come and gone over the last couple of weeks, but it’s here to stay with an official announcement of the feature coming yesterday.

In the latest version of Google Maps, when you park your car you can simply tap on the blue dot and then ‘Save your parking’. Once you’ve saved a parking location a label will appear that lets you add more details like the bay # and level you parked on, when the meter expires which can also remind you 15 minutes beforehand…and if you don’t like the looks of the cars next to you, their rego info in case some errant dings appear in your door when you get back.

We’ve had native parking reminders in Google Now for some time, but it’s been fairly basic, and now with the option built into Maps you can add those labels which give a much more refined experience. I’ve also had a bit of a hit and miss experience with the location of my parking, sometimes being a couple of hundred metres off.

It’s available now in Google Maps, so head over and grab it from Google Play if you’re not using it already.

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Google Maps
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    Phill Edwards

    Great idea.