Google have been getting into hardware in a big way in the last year or two. Now, according to a new FCC filing, there appears to be some Google-branded headphones coming soon.

The new headphones, codenamed GID5B, have a Google logo on one side with the other housing a power button inside a Googley ring. The headphones seem to be fairly basic headphones with Bluetooth connectivity without any microphone. There is an auxiliary port for wired listening — the Bluetooth turns itself off when a cable is plugged into the AUX port. To charge the headphones there is a micro-USB charging port, not a USB Type-C which is strange given Google’s love for the new standard.

The headphones have a driver diameter of 40mm with an impedance of 32 Ohms and frequency range or 12Hz to 20KHz. The headphones also include active noise cancelling. The battery capacity is 600mAh providing over 16 hours of playback with the noise cancelling on, and 25 hours with it off.

Before you go getting too excited, no, Google are not getting into the headphone market. These headphones are for Google employees only and are a replacement/upgrade from the previous wired set they currently are supplied with.

Those who want more information on these headphones head over to the FCC website and check them out. All the documentation including user manual is there. Part of me really wants Google to make a high end set of headphones but that seems very unlikely given the large number of players already in that market space — although, can you imagine a high quality headset with Wi-Fi and Google Assistant capabilities? I can hear Dan opening his wallet already.

Source: FCC.
Via: Phandroid.
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Already confirmed to be for employees only

Daniel Tyson

Yep, That’s what Scott said in the post.


Guess the weird name. Google Audio Portable.


another beta product only available in the US

Darren Ferguson

For employees. In the actual post.


Yes I got that, I can see