With a May 16th unveiling set, the HTC U 11 is getting HTC fans excited for a new high end device with a difference. The specs have been rumoured for a while, but a new leak seemingly confirms those specs.

A leak out of Gear India shows what they say is box art for the 128GB Dual-SIM model if the HTC U 11. Rumours suggest there are two models, one with 6GB and one with 4GB RAM, so this could be a regional thing with regards to specs; the RAM may also be linked to storage with both 64GB and 128GB models reportedly being released – though apparently a microSD card slot supporting cards up to 2TB will be in both models.

As you can see above, the specs on the box art show that the previously rumoured Snapdragon 835 processor is indeed on board, as is 6GB of RAM (at least in this model). A 12MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture with OIS and UltraPixel 3 is apparently confirmed, showing that the HTC tech is far from dead. The front facing camera will apparently be a 16MP sensor, though without the bells and whistles of the UP3 tech or faster aperture.

Sound wise, the HTC Boomsound will return, though it’s probably not going to include dual front-facing speakers. What will be included is the U Sonic technology that maps a users ear canals to create a personalised experience. While a great idea, the included USB-C based U Sonic earphones point towards there being no 3.5mm headphone jack.

As for features the ‘Edge Sense’ feature which will be linked to a touch sensitive frame around the phone is also listed. Edge Sense will allow users to map an app or setting to a long or short squeeze of the frame, which HTC is heavily teasing in the lead-up to launch.

The odds and ends point to Fingerprint sensor, IP57 dust/water resistance, as well as a goodly range of connectivity including Bluetooth 5.0.

We’ll know a lot more about the HTC U 11 and the Edge Sense features when HTC unveils the phone on the 16th of May at 4pm AEST.

Source: Gear India.
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They generally don’t sell the Dual Sim models in Australia.

Dan Goodes

To be fair, it’s probably more a telco decision than an OEM decision – which carrier in their right mind would sell a device that encourages/allows the customer to use the competition?

Dan Goodes

And then just two days later, a lot of people will have largely forgotten about it, when the news turns to Google I/O, and all the goodness set to grace our news feeds. Timing is everything.

John Bousattout

I hope there’s no physical Home button.