It’s all about the movies this week with MX Player Pro and movie tie-in game Real Steel on-sale for just 20c each in this weeks Google Play Deal of the Week.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

MX Player Pro

Our phones and tablets are quite the media consumption devices these days and there’s a plethora of offline video options, so, what do you play those videos with? Well, for a lot of users, MX Player Pro has been their choice, and it’s on-sale this week.

It’s a great player, harkening back to the dark days of early Android when media playing was pretty terrible, but with hardware acceleration and multi-core decoding options MX Player offered a way to get your videos playing smoothly. It’s still pretty great, with a kids lock to ensure your kids aren’t jumping out of videos and playing with the rest of the tablet when you hand it over.

The on-screen controls for volume, brightness, and of course an option to double tap to zoom is most welcome. Of course there’s also sub-title support as well.

If this sounds like a good deal, you can head over to Google Play and grab it for just 20c.

MX Player Pro
MX Player Pro

Google Play Game Deal of the Week

Real Steel

Hate all you want but I liked Real Steel the movie, it was family friendly and while not great cinema, it was a great “popcorn film”. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Real Steel as the Game deal of the Week, but it’s always welcome to see it back.

Real Steel features a choice of 65 robots to fight, including the robots Atom and Zeus from the movie. You can then train up and pit your robots against the competition in multiple battle arena environments.

There’s various different fight modes available, including Tag Team, Challenges, Tournament, Survival & Free Sparring. There’s also 10 Special Edition Robots you can unlock once you complete each Game Mode, and hey, it looks great:

The downside to Real Steel is the inclusion of In-App Purchases in the Build Your Own Robot section which can get you upgrades from between $0.99 – $40.99 per item.

If Real Steel sounds like your type of game, head over to Google Play and grab it now.

So that’s it, they’re both pretty good deals and for just 40c you can get two great apps. Unfortunately last weeks deal Michelin Guide Europe 2017 has jumped back up to $16.99, while Exploding Kittens – Official has also reverted back to its usual $2.68 price tag.

Jump in quick to grab this weeks Deals of the Week, over on Google Play now.

Source: Google Play.