Virgin Mobile are ringing in the changes today. First they have started their bonus data deal today but have also announced that the Sony Xperia XZ in Forest Blue will be available at Virgin Mobile from Friday, 5th May.

The Sony Xperia XZ will be available on the $45 per month plan which offers just 4GB of data. This pricing is available for Velocity Frequent Flyer Members only on a 24 month plan.

When Duncan reviewed the Sony Xperia XZ earlier this year he gave it an 8.1 out of 10 with it scoring highest in the software experience department. For those who want a decent phone with a good software experience this could be one worth looking at. There is a vendor skin, Xperia UI on top of Android but from my experience the Sony skin is minimal at best.

The phone sports the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and has 3GB of RAM alongside a 5.2in 1080P LCD display. The rear camera is a very capable 23MP with the front selfie camera coming in a 13MP. The 2900mAh battery is charged via a USB-C port and although it launched with Android 6.0 there is a Nougat update available for it.

The Forest Blue Sony Xperia XZ is a stunning device in blue. If it piques your curiosity and your desire for a device that is different check out the Virgin website and stores from tomorrow.

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John Bousattout

I really want to go back to Sony. I love the way they present… but for those bezels. Make them smaller for gods sake, please.


I wonder how many people actually leave their phones as stock, compared to those that put a case on. Which then makes colour and bezels etc irrelevant.


how does a case make bezels irrelevant? A phone with big bezels will still have big bezels – especially top / bottom which Sony phones have – likewise phones with small bezels. Yes a case will add width, thickness and height to a phone but a phone with big bezels will be even bigger when a case is added on.


Because the case can cover the bezels. And depending on the case can become quite square.


agree – I am on an S7 edge… and really miss the simplistic class of my Z3… as you say big bezels.. but the the phone never had issues, was still quick, had HEAPS of dveloper support… the camera was pretty crappy ( especially in comparison to this beast of an S7 ) .. but apart from that I really enjoyed it..