Everyone loves lots of data and everyone definitely loves free data. If this is you and you need a new phone plan then Virgin Mobile may have the deal just for you.

For today only Virgin Mobile are offering an extra 2GB free when you sign up to their $50 12-month SIM Plan. The offer, unlike most others from phone providers, if available for both new and upgrading customers (good on you Virgin Mobile — I never understood why current customers received the worst deals).

The $50 SIM only plan now can offer a whopping 17GB of data per month with the bonus 2GB of data available until you concel or change plans. On top of that Virgin Mobile also offer a rollover of data and value where ANY unused included data (and extra data — ie the 2GB here) or value for calls and text rolls over to the next month only. The plan also offers data-free music streaming for Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and iHeartRadio. Add in the unlimited local calls and text and the $300 worth of international calls and it is something worth considering.

But wait there’s more! Velocity members will receive an extra 10% off the monthly fee making it just $45 a month. Velocity members also earn 2 points for every dollar spent with Virgin Mobile, as well as receive 1000 bonus Velocity points when they sign up.

Definitely sounds like a good plan to me and one I will definitely be checking out when my Telstra plan runs out in June (even without the extra 2GB bonus data by then). If you are interested head over to the Virgin Mobile website and sign up.

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Christophe C.

It’d be worth it if I could actually use the damn data. I’m on Virgin with 10GB/month and the 4G signal on my commute between North Sydney and Ashfield is so inconsistent I’ve given up trying to use it and revert to Netflix offline downloads instead…