If you’re a Motorola fan and been holding onto that Xoom before updating, your wishes may be coming true with a new rumour emerging that Motorola is working on a new large screen tablet.

According to Android Police, a trusted source has advised them that they’re working on a new large size tablet which is around 9-10 inches (diagonally) in size. There’s not much else to go on with this rumour – no codename, specs, or anything more.

A screenshot of ‘productivity mode’ has been included, but this appears to be simply a copy of the tablet/YogaBook UI we saw on the Lenovo YogaBook:

The UI was quite nice to work on with the YogaBook, pinning apps to the Navbar was quite cool, so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes on a tablet – though if Motorola bring out a new convertible like the YogaBook I wouldn’t complain either.

We may find out about this new device, or Motorola (or Lenovo) may kill it while still in development, who knows?

Source: Android Police.
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    Hello Moto… yes please! My N10 is just hanging on (Battery is iffy). And even though I loved the N10, it’s like all google stuff, needs an SDcard slot. Wouldn’t be so bad if the OTG wasn’t the same plug as charging.
    Have been thinking of getting a Samsung Galaxy View 18.4″ as bigger the screen the better (As I get older)