If you’re one of those people who like mixing old technology and new, then you might be just the kind of person who’s looking for a bedside alarm clock with a Qi wireless charging pad built in. In other words, you might be just like me.

I’m adding LASER’s new digital alarm clock with Qi Wireless charging and Bluetooth speaker to my list of things that I never knew I needed until I saw it, but now I do. Having just picked up a Galaxy S8, I’m looking for some new gear to complement it, and this might just do that.

LASER is pitching this as a feature-rich alarm clock for just $98, allowing users to charge their Qi-capable devices on top, while also pairing devices by Bluetooth (or AUX cable if necessary) to play music as well. Hell, if someone rings you in the middle of the night, you can leave your phone on the top and take your calls on the speakerphone … you know, if upsetting your partner is something you really want to do.

If you’ve got devices that need USB charging (such as a smartwatch or someone else’s iPhone), the USB ports on the front mean you can charge them up, too.

In a nod to those who yearn for a simpler time, there’s FM radio built in, dual alarms, a snooze button, auto-dim so the display doesn’t blind you at night, and even an outside temperature display so you can make an informed decision on whether to get out of bed or not.

LASER’s wireless charging alarm clock is on sale now at Harvey Norman for $98 – and we’ve got one coming to include in our best gear for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 range round-up.

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Wireless charging is unavailable in FM mode

Graham Willersdorf

I wouldn’t buy one after 2 different one returned them would work fine for a couple of weeks then stop

Peter Verwey

I’m with you Chris, this looks like a very neat solution to a problem I knew I had but didn’t know this was the answer. If you need anyone to do a long term test on one of these let me know 😛

Keith, if only dab+ had actually started way out here i the regions then I’d care about dab+, as it is FM is good fro when not using bluetooth.


If it had been dab+ rather than fm radio I would’ve been sold


Agreed, DAB+ would’ve nailed this.


Overkill? Most people would use their phone as the alarm clock anyway.


Most would, and I do, but this is still worth a look 🙂