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We tend to not cover OnePlus here at Ausdroid too often, as we feel that OnePlus ignore Australians by refusing to sell directly to us. The fact of the matter is, though, many of you own OnePlus phones. Last year’s second flagship, the OnePlus 3T is still considered by many experts to be the fastest phone around which has whet our appetite for this year’s flagship, the OnePlus 5.

The OnePlus 5 has leaked overnight on two reselling websites, Geekbuying and Gearbest, and while they look legit there may be parts of it that do not seem correct. Whether the sites have just put the device up based on rumoured specs is unknown but the specs they have listed are impressive indeed.

The phone will be sporting a 5.5in 2K display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and a whopping 8GB of RAM. There is a 16MP front facing camera and dual 23MP rear facing cameras. The battery which will most likely support their proprietary quick charge, Dash Charge, is 4000mAh, powering Android 7.1 in the form of OxygenOS which I liken to a custom ROM done right.

The spec that seems suspicious is the onboard storage. OnePlus have rarely strayed far from Google’s ideal for Android and as such have tended to avoid microSD cards. Both sites have the OnePlus 5 listed as having a microSD slot. Another spec that doesn’t seem right is the 64GB of onboard storage. Last year’s OnePlus 3T arrived in a 64GB and a 128GB version so for OnePlus to go backwards and only offer 64GB does not sit right with me. Being suspicious of these specs makes me suspicious of all of them. It seems very much like a rumourmill round up and what everyone/someone wants in a phone — except for the part whey have excluded the headphone jack.

The bad news for Australians is that once again Band 28 (700mHz) LTE is not supported so your coverage inside buildings may suffer. We have heard from many of our readers, including one previous writer that they have not noticed any drop-off in signal at all inside building with the lack of Band 28 in their phone.

The price for the phone is a strange one with Gearbest listing it at $916.99AU which seems steep for OnePlus and Geekbuying listing it for $606.99AU, both with free shipping. At this stage it seems it is only available in black.

If the above specs are indeed correct (and my spidey senses tell me some of them may not be) that is one hell of a package for a tick over $600. I am very interested in purchasing if they are correct, now if only OnePlus wanted to sell me one.

Key Specifications:OnePlus 5
Release date
  • June 27
  • 2017
Screen size5.5-inch
Screen technologyOptic AMOLED
Resolution1,920 x 1,080
Rear cameraDual 16MP + 20MP Telephoto
Front camera16MP
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 835
Core config
  • 6GB
  • 8GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB
Battery3,300 mAh
Battery removable
ConnectorUSB C
Headphone PortYes
Headphone LocationBottom
Speaker Configuration
Android OSAndroid 7.1
Vendor skinOxygenOS
Dimensions152.7 x 74.7 x 7.25 mm
  • Slate Grey
  • Midnight Black
Source: Neowin.

Scott Plowman   Editor


Scott is our modding guru - he has his finger on the pulse of all things ‘moddable’, pointing us towards all the cutting edge mods hacks that are available. When he’s not gymming it up, or scanning the heck out of Nexus devices, you'll find him on the Ausdroid Podcast.

Outside of Ausdroid, Scott's a health care professional and lecturer at a well known Victorian university.

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Chris Rowland
Ausdroid Director

I have to say, this phone looks an awful lot like a Huawei P10 from the front at least.


I’m liking the back design more than the last few

Stuie Bedubie
Stuie Bedubie

Gearbest is totally unreliable & did the same with plus3, had it listed but unavailable for 3 months with specs pure guess work and nowhere near the mark. They often sell as pre order dont go there infact i have found very unreliable. An geekbuying price gouging aussies when it was available. I have bought direct from oneplus U.S., both the +one and +three. Depending on fx rates and around $30-50 ship on service, it can still be cheaper than buying from resellers to our market. I have not had one issue with either phobe that reqd. Service or customer… Read more »

Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards

I like the sound of the big battery.


I think the placeholder page on OppoMart seems more likely to be the actual specs. Indicative pricing is $599.55 AUD with an estimated shipping date of early June.

Michael Manning
Ausdroid Reader

As a OnePlus 3T owner (for only 4 weeks) all the specs still seem guess worthy as no one can confirm anything. The current phone is lightning fast, more than capable in all areas as everyone knows, so a small boost to the latest SoC and a camera jump seem all on par. As @toast mentions the biggest help would be in camera software drivers.
The price jump to just over $600 seems justifiable although more megapixels are not necessary if that’s pushing $$ thing’s up as well..
I can’t wait to see what they actually release!

Ausdroid Reader

8GB of RAM? That’s excessive for a phone, I’ll be calling BS on that. It might be 6GB but there’s no need for 8GB.

Chris Rowland
Ausdroid Director

It does kind of feel like too much, but better to have too much than too little.

Mr Morgan Hodgkinson
Mr Morgan Hodgkinson

I need Band 28 at home or I will only 3G and 3G sucks in my house and I really want OnePlus to add support for Band 28

Duncan Jaffrey

Agreed, no band 28 no $ from me. Also I’d want a headphone jack

Evan War Whales
Ausdroid Reader

Are they saying that there is no headphone jack? Or that we don’t have details on the headphone jack? … I’m a bit confused tbh

Greg McPherson
Ausdroid Reader

Camera camera camera ?.

It will sink or swim on camera driver software.

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