Google’s other navigation app, Waze, is getting a new update at the moment which lets you change the voice you use for turn-by-turn directions to characters from Cars 3.

Waze has been pretty on top of current trends, adding in custom celebrity voices for turn-by-turn directions, and the latest update lets you choose between either Owen Wilson as Lightning Mcqueen, or Armie Hammer as Jackson Storm from the upcoming Cars 3 movie. The update not only lets you add voices, but you can also change the car displayed in Waze to either Lightning, or Jackson, making for a fun trip no matter where you’re going.

Updating your settings to use the new characters is easy. To change the Voice go to Settings > Voice Directions and then choose either Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) or Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). To change your car, go to Settings > Display & Map > Car on Map and choose between Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm.

There’s going to be an obvious choice for Lightning Mcqueen from the younger fans of the movie, at least until June 22nd when Cars 3 opens in Cinemas around Australia. At this stage, every parent who’s been through the Cars movies is just hoping that Cars 3 is better than the abomination that was Cars 2.

The Lightning Mcqueen and Jackson Storm update is now live in the latest version of Waze, but like all their celebrity voice updates, it’s for a limited time, head over to Google Play and grab it now while they’re still available.

Source: Waze.