When the LG G6 was announced LG made specific mention and quite a bit of fanfare over it’s support of Dolby Vision. Unfortunately at the time there was no way to access it from any of the streaming media sites (especially in Australia). Now that has changed with Netflix now supporting Dolby Vision playback on the LG G6.

Dolby Vision is Dolby’s version of HDR TV. Basic HDR content (HDR10) is only 10-bit colour depth whereas Dolby Vision is 12-bit. Seems small but 10-bit supports 1-billion colours whereas 12-bit colour depth gives access to over 68 billion colours. This means that the Dolby Vision content will be a lot more accurate in it’s colour representation and show a lot more colours.

There are some TV’s that support Dolby Vision but the LG G6 was the first mobile device to support it. Apparently support is coming for the Sony XZ Premium and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Amazon have had several shows available in Dolby Vision for a while but unfortunately without some trickery you cannot access that here in Australia. Now Netflix have made it available to subscribers the world over.

According to the Netflix website HDR and Dolby Vision are coming soon to the LG G6 but will require the latest version of the app, version 5.0. At this stage the update was not available for me on the Play Store but a quick search of APK Mirror found it there.

Within the app there is no list of Dolby Vision shows but once you find a show you want to watch the Dolby Vision icon is displayed. Watching it on my LG G6 it looked great but it’s hard to determine whether that is just the LG G6 display or the Dolby Vision. Theoretically though it is meant to show 68 times more colours and thus look better.

If you have an LG G6 download the APK, install it and let us know what you think of Dolby Vision. I tested it out on Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

Source: Netflix.
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    apk medium

    it will work?

    David Kan

    Will it work on the s8 plus?

    Daniel Tyson

    It probably will, I believe the S8/S8Plus and the Tab S3 are on the cards for Dolby Vision as well.