Though not launched in Australia yet, Google Home is turning into a great hub for all your smart home devices. Google has been adding a number of new smart home devices of late, and they’ve now added devices from iDevices, NuBryte, Universal Devices and MobiLinc.

iDevices is probably the most well known of the new brands, thanks to a fairly well publicised association with Apple and their integration with Apple’s assistant Siri. iDevices also integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and now Google Home, or anything with Google Assistant. iDevices offers a range of devices such as wall outlets, including an outdoor outlet, and a number of other devices such as dimmer switches – all of which can be used with verbal commands like “Ok Google, turn on the lights”.

Devices from NuBryte include the Touchpoint, a touchscreen, smart, light switch which also lets you access things like camera systems and more, they also sell other, non-screen based smart switches. Universal Devices sell lighting controllers and MobiLync seems to offer a system for controlling your smart devices.

Just like the Google Home itself, the new devices now supported by Google Home aren’t exactly easy to source here in Australia, so their utility is limited for us, but it’s nice to know there’s some choice out there.

Source: iDevices.
Via: Android Police.