Just prior to Baselworld 2017 in March, luxury goods maker Montblanc announced their first connected smartwatch with the Summit. Today it’s become available to order officially in the UK and the US, but you can also order one to Australia.

Th watch is a high-end device in the same vein as the TAG Heuer, though around half the cost. It’s priced at $890USD in the US for a base model, but depending on what you want you can price it up from there.

It’s got fairly standard internals, with a Snapdragon 2100 CPU and 512MB of RAM, it comes with 4GB of storage, and of course Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. Unlike other Android Wear 2.0 it has no NFC or LTE and comes with an AMOLED display enclosed in a case which apparently ranges from 44-47mm in diameter – and if you like chunky, the Summit is 12.5mm thick.

But it’s a quality time piece, with apparently an impeccable build quality with PVD-coated stainless steel and using a stainless steel crown. The AMOLED display is also covered in sapphire glass, so no scratches.

While it’s available to order from Montblanc in the US and UK, there’s no Montblanc Australian outlet, but there is a reseller with iguanasell.com.au willing to ship you a Montblanc summit starting at $1465 including shipping (note: they won’t ship to a PO box). As on the Montblanc site, you can select more expensive options depending on what you want.

Shipping from Iguanasell is promised in 20 business days and in their FAQ they claim to be the official reseller for Mont Blanc in Australia with devices covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

While we’d love to write a review on this watch, it’s probably not likely. Still, if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the Mont Blanc Summit, now’s your chance.

Source: IguanaSell.
Via: Montblanc.