HTC’s upcoming flagship, the HTC U 11 is expected to launch at their May 16th event next week, and they’ve been ramping up the teasers with a new one over night teasing 360-degree recording.

The tweet which was sent out on the HTC USA Twitter account espousing a feature ‘360 real-life recording’ which will be coming at the event – but is it on the phone? The teaser looks like this, with the text, the date of the launch and a video which shows four motor bike riders going in a circle – check it out:

The teaser seems to be for a feature in the HTC U 11, but is it? Android phones have been capable of doing 360-degree capture, but it’s via photo-spheres, a rather laborious process of stitching together photos and this seems to be hinting at video.

The previous leaks of the HTC U 11 don’t really show a device capable of capturing 360-degree video, which as we’ve seen with 360-degree cameras usually require a dual-sensor setup most often with fish-eye lenses and that doesn’t jibe with what we’ve seen. But what if we’re getting a new HTC RE? A 360-degree capable HTC RE?

HTC has had some trouble of late in the phone market, but their third party plays in products like the HTC Vive have been well met, and they’ve also experimented with fitness accessories with the Under Armour Health Box. An update to the HTC RE, a semi-action camera I still love to this day would be great.

There’s not a real lot of time to go until we find out exactly what HTC has up their sleeve, we’ll find out this next week when the launch happens at around 4pm AEST on the 16th of May.

Source: @htcUSA.
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I love my RE. HTC had a hit with the RE. I still use it today, leave it in my car and take photos of stuff outside without the guilt of using a phone camera. Instant start up. A 360 degree version, of the same dimensions, would blow the competition out of the water.