We’re living in a world where selifies are basically a thing now; you’re going to see people taking, posting and sharing them all day long – and Google is getting on the bandwagon with new personalised, illustrated sticker packs in Allo made from your selfies.

The new feature which is headed to Allo, let’s you take a selfie which is then converted into a selfie sticker pack. Google is using their general-purpose computer vision neural networks to create the selfie packs based on illustrations from artist Lamar Abrams which have been qualitatively checked by human ‘raters’ who essentially trained the neural networks to do this.

The end result looks pretty decent with these example stickers used to show what to expect:

While reliant on their neural networks to create stickers, there’s also a level of customisability with the new feature. Using the tool, it appears you can change details of the stickers such as hairstyle, skin tones, and nose shapes

Google is also going to work with different artists on future projects with different styles, so we can look forward to more personalised sticker packs in Allo.

According to Google, this feature will roll out starting today in Allo for Android, with Allo for iOS starting soon.

Source: Google.