Huawei’s P10 continues its journey to Australia, and today we’re pleased to report that the flagship contender from Huawei is now available for pre-order through Vodafone. There’s also a sneaky little surprise — those who pre-order will receive a bonus Huawei Watch!

Vodafone will be offering both Graphite Black and Gold variants, with 64GB storage across a range of plans. We’ll have a full plan comparison table soon, but here’s the basics: all the plans offer unlimited calls and texts within Australia, and plans start at $60 per month. Here’s a quick run-down of the best offers, included data and pricing:

  • $60 plan comprises $40 for the plan and $20 for the device, with 1GB of data
  • $75 plan with 10GB of data
  • $80 plan for 11GB of data
  • $90 plan for 20GB of data

These keep going up to $120 a month for a whopping 32GB of data, so there’s plenty of options for all budgets, whether you’re a new or existing Vodafone customer.

At this stage, the bonus watch appears to be the first generation Huawei Watch, which is one of the best Wear devices available today. You could seriously do a lot worse than this.

Optus pre-order will be available soon, and open-channel sales will commence from 25 May (just under two weeks time).

Separately, the Huawei P10 Plus will also launch on 25 May, and we’ll have a review for you shortly.


Source: Vodafone pre-order.
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Michael doidge

Not a bad handset , and the watch is a nice surprise , and I don’t mean to be looking a gift horse in the mouth ,
but with the recent news with some hand sets apparently shipping with the older flash memory , one has to wonder if the freebies are there because it’s an inferior model with the slow flash memory ?
Without knowing if we are getting the dodgy models or the good ones ,
free watch our no watch I’d be reluctant to put money down .


I bought the Huawei P9 and watch bundle in July last year through Vodafone. Huawei are really, really crappy at updating software and once you add Vodafone’s interference into the software update fiasco you’ll be waiting forever. As we know the Watch only just got an update but the P9 through Vodafone is still sitting on September 2016 security update and Android 6.0 with the very stupid EMUI 4.1.1 Even India seems to be getting Android 7 on their P9s before the carrier gimped versions in Australia. I do love taking outdoor shots on the P9s camera though and would… Read more »