The Sims is possibly one of the biggest simulation games of all time, spanning across generations, captivating players the same way reality TV and bringing a family tone to computer games. EA are taking that to mobile platforms with the announcement that the Sims Mobile will be coming soon to both Android and that other fruit based mobile operating system.

So the life simulator is coming to your mobile or tablet where you can enjoy a virtual life as on the PC based version. You create the characters and their personalities, you create the life your Sim live, you create the home they enjoy and you choose the life events they live through.

If your kids are too old for toddler games, but aren’t up to the violence and gore of FPS on PC yet then the Sims Mobile is worth checking out. Currently working through a soft launch in selected locations, it will become available “soon”.

With more games moving mobile these days, what games would you like to see on phone or tablet from the top developers?

Source: EA Answers.
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