Sony have a well recognised history of producing mobile phones with excellent screens and really good cameras and from the super slow motion sample that’s appeared on YouTube, the Xperia XZ Premium is going to continue that.

There’s been slow motion capability on mobile phones for a while, but they’re somewhat limited in capability at times on either short bursts of slow motion capture, by the quality that can be captured or perhaps even by the space on the device. The quality of the images from the MotionEye™ camera in Xperia XZ Premium is outstanding thanks to the lens technology, steady thanks to the 5 axis image stabalisation and watchable on the devices 4K HDR display.

Not to mention 960fps slow motion which is amazing.

An excellent leap forward for Sony and will hopefully the camera capabilities will be the push some of the other manufacturers need to innovate with their devices as the next models approach.

How do camera capabilities affect your buying decision when it comes to mobile phones?

Source: Sony Mobile.