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When I reviewed the ZenWatch 3 there were really only 3 things that kept me from declaring it the perfect Android Wear device, a lack of wireless charging, no NFC and a non-standard watchband. Thanks to Steel Connect we can now drop that list to 2. Launching today on Kickstarter, Steel Connect — the same people who successfully made the OG Moto 360 connector — is now offering an adaptor for the Zenwatch 3.

The SteelConnect lug adapter for Asus ZenWatch 3 comes in Silver, Gunmetal and Rose Gold perfect anodised to match the colour of your ZenWatch 3. Unfortunately, in Australia, only the Gunmetal model is available, which whilst beautiful in its own right will make getting matching watchbands a real pain.

The Kickstarter launched today offers the normal assortment of tiers with early bird pricing (only 8 out of 100 left) as well as multiple rewards and the opportunity top bu ya rather cool reversible watchband. The basic non-early bird Steel Connect will set you back £24 or about $42 AUD + $7 AUD postage. At $50 AUD it may not be the cheapest little lug in town, however, it opens up a world of customisation to your smartwatch and that makes it a pretty good investment if you ask me.

If you have a ZenWatch 3 and want to add a standard 22mm connector to it then I’d suggest heading over to Steel Connect and securing yourself a connector. The adapters are scheduled to ship in July this year, and with around 75% of the needed funding already achieved I think it’s a safe bet that the campaign will be a success, and unlike some Kickstarters I think this one is a safe bet, these guys are old hat at this and I’d expect the item to actually ship!

Source: Kitckstarter.

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