If you weren’t game to get Nougat for yourself, it appears the Australian rollout of Android 7.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S6 in Australia has begun.

The Nougat update has been quite delayed in Australia with the update starting for European in early March. At this stage, the update, which is around 1.2GB in size, has hit only unlocked Galaxy S6 (though likely to hit the S6 edge too) handsets with no carrier models seemingly being prompted to update.

The Nougat update is for Android 7.0 with the March 1st 2017 security patch.

A check on the various carrier software update page shows that a broader rollout could be happening soon. Vodafone lists the Nougat update for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as ‘Currently Testing’ while the status for the update on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus says ‘Testing scheduled’.

Over at Optus they list the status of the update for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge as ‘Estimated testing completion mid to late May’. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has no mention of the Nougat update.

Telstra, unfortunately doesn’t list a status for testing the Nougat update on any of their Galaxy S6 handsets.

It’s a good start for those who purchased their Galaxy S6 outright, so hold tight those of you on carrier locked models, it will be here soon.

Thanks: Trish.


    1. As soon as I checked for an update on my old S6 it popped up. Late but at least it’s there.

      Also, if anyone has a WiFi Tab S2 (I have the 8in model) and is comfortable with Odin they can drop the Nougat update on their tablet too. I used the Canada ROM. Lots of countries are using the Nougat firmware with the same build number. I suspect the Australian firmware isn’t too far off for those who’d prefer an OTA update.

    2. So, for carrier unlocked devices, but with a telstra sim. Do we have to take the sim card out to receive the update?