It can be difficult navigating in an unfamiliar place, but Google Maps makes it easier. Now it’s getting easier with Street View images now showing in Route Info.

The new feature in Maps was discovered by Android Police in version 9.52.2 of Maps. Street View images are now showing once you’ve selected a destination, but before you’ve hit the ‘Start Navigation’ option.

The images show up as thumbnails next to each step of your route, but once tapped pop up into the full 360-degree Street View image giving you a great idea of which lane you should be in, or what landmarks are around. The initial 360-degree Street View pop up even appears to be pointed the right way for when the turn comes up.

The change is quite useful, but could be slightly improved by a thumbnail image popping up while in navigation before an upcoming turn. Still, it’s a pretty nice update all up.

Google Maps
Google Maps
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Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.