The upcoming HTC U11, which will make its debut on Wednesday afternoon this week, will be quite the phone according to rumoured specs and now we can add 3D audio to the list.

Noted HTC developer and leaker, @Llabtoofer, has tweeted out that the phone will include 3D audio recording thanks to an array of four dedicated microphones included on the phone.

The 3D audio recording component is interesting, as it will give a 360-degree auditory experience under the right circumstances…could this be what HTC was alluding to in their latest teaser for the May 16th launch when they said ‘360 real-life recording’? Those lines in the video do look an awful lot like soundwaves when viewed with a fresh perspective.

We’ll know soon enough, the launch of the HTC U 11 will take place on May 16th at 4pm AEST. You can head over to the HTC Australia website to sign up for notifications about the launch

Source: @llabtoofer.