For anyone who enjoys using their Chromebook or other Chrome OS device at night, but want to avoid the blue light that interrupts your circadian rhythms then the new Night Light feature being trialed in Chrome OS Canary build is great news.

Spotted by a user on reddit who supplied the above screenshot, the night mode feature has been a long requested feature for Chrome OS. There’s mentions of Night Mode being requested on the Chrome OS bug tracker going back years, but it seems that the feature – called Night Light by those working on Chrome is finally about to launch.

Makeshift solutions like F.Lux coming to Chrome OS were seen as good steps, but a built-in feature is obviously preferable. Simiar to F.Lux, the Night Light toggle puts a yellowish tinge on the display similar to how it works on Android on the Google Pixel phones.

If you want to try it out and live dangerously – Canary is very definitely quite buggy – then there’s a good how-to on how to get to Canary on your Chrome OS device right here.

It appears that this could be targeted at Chrome version 60 – at least from the label attached – but hopefully it won’t take too long to appear on the more stable channels of Chrome OS.

  • and for those noticing the icon for night light is slightly off – the Chromium guys have noticed too.
Source: reddit.