This Saturday Aldi is starting their annual Ski Sale, offering skiing related clothes and gear, which also includes the ruggedised Cygnett ChargeUp power bank.

Until battery tech jumps ahead significantly, or phone makers start making phones thicker with more battery, running out of power on your phone and connecting it to a power bank is just one of those things you have to live with.

The Cygnett branded power bank coming to Aldi this Saturday looks to be fairly decent with an 8,000mAh capacity allowing you to probably get at least 2 top-ups out of it depending on the size of your phone battery. The power bank is ruggedised, with the ad listing it as both dust and water resistant and it certainly looks the part. It’s got at least one USB out with a 5V/2A capacity and that port appears to be enclosed behind a rubber cap for the water resistance we’re assuming.

At $49.99 it’s pretty pricey, but it’s from Cygnett who are pretty well known in the power bank business and it’s obviously a little more hardy than your average battery bank, so it’s at least worth a look.

There’s no mention of it in the specs, but does that look like a solar panel on the top of the unit to anyone else?

If you’re interested you can head into an Aldi store this weekend from 8:30am to check them out.

Source: Aldi.
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    Just picked one of these up from Aldi. They have them for $29.99 at the moment. Well built unit, feels nice with rubber overmould. Led floodlight is nice and bright with different modes. Shock and water resistant with back up solar panel. Absolute cracker for $30. Very happy as had seen them when they first came out for $50.


    Depending on the draw and how well the solar panel can keep it charged I wonder if something like this could be a good off the grid IOT power source?