It’s been a year now since the once iconic Dick Smith Electronics succumbed to the liquidators after a string of bad luck, and poor business decisions. Online retailer Kogan purchased their online presence and resurrected it where it’s been happily selling you gear for the last 12 months.

The website was relaunched in May last year under Kogan management and stripped back, but it offers more than 11,000 products for sale today. It’s going pretty well, Kogan has been running a successful online presence for over a decade now and they’ve leveraged that experience to move Dick Smith, or at least their online presence, back into profitability – and what helps profitability more than a sale? That’s right, they’re having a birthday sale on some pretty decent gear like the Galaxy S8 for $999, and a bunch of other electronics like TVs, phones, headphones and more.

Kogan has apparently been quite happy with the online branding presence, because they also brought back another brand: Tandy, last year as well. Perhaps we’ll see a birthday sale for them as well in the near future.

If you want to check out the sale you can head over to the Dick Smith website.

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    Phill Edwards

    I thought Kogan and Dick Smith were exactly the same web sites selling the same products for the same price, the only difference being the branding. Is that not the case?


    Hell Yeah!

    2 Websites that do EXACTLY the same thing!