Telstra has today announced a new pre-paid offering, Day2Day, offering customers the option to get a small amount of data, as well as talk and text for just $1 per day.

The Day2Day plan is similar in scope to the Optus $2 Days, but unlike that plan which only charges you on days you use it, this one automatically charges you every day. The Day2Day offer includes unlimited talk & text to standard
Australian numbers, as well as 100MB of data (for use in Australia only obviously), and you can also get access to the over 900,000 Telstra Air hotspots around Australia.

There’s an option to bump that plan up a bit though, for an extra $1 you can also include unlimited calls to standard numbers in one of 10 selected destinations which include the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and the UK. You can also bolster that 100MB of data with an additional 100MB block of extra data costing $1 as well.

Recharges start at $5 which lasts 5 days, and you can also recharge $10, $20, $30 & $60 amounts at a time.

It’s not the best offer we’ve seen, but it is utilising the Telstra network so offers all the coverage benefits that that entails and it’s a new options, and we love choices. If you’re interested in checking it out you can find all the details, and order a SIM on the Telstra pre-paid plans website.

Source: Telstra.
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    Interesting deal. In some ways, it is better than if you are a Prepaid plus customer who only pays the minimum $30 but is significantly worse if you do the $2/day option. It is also very limiting in the use of data as you only get that pool of data to use that day which does not rollover. As for calling overseas, I am not sure I get why people would want to do this in the first place and enough to need it in a plan. True the use of landlines are getting less and less but using it… Read more »