Australia has a lot of MVNOs with Amaysim constantly getting mentions as one of the better providers. Today they have introduced a new discount that makes their plan very attractive.

Beginning today, new customers will only have to fork out $9.90 every 28 days on their unlimited 1.5GB SIM-only plan. The SIM-only plan includes 1.5GB of data, unlimited talk and text which also includes international calls and texts to ten selected countries.

The offer is valid for the first six months of the plan which has no lock-in contracts and is available until the 30th June 2017. Unfortunately the offer is only available for new Amaysim customers but for those customers they can save $90 on a month to month SIM plan.

Are you tempted by this plan? If you are head on over to the Amaysim website for more information.

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Kathy Wakeman

Been with amaysim a very long time I woulf have thought loyal customers would be looked after. I really would like it to go from 28days to 30/31 monthly fees. You pay so much more at 28 days. See Voda phone have changed from 28 to monthly of 30/31 days mmmm worth thinking about.


Port out and back in?


And then it’s $25pm, which is much less useful.

Seriously, let’s just have $10-15 pm for a decent number of mins, texts and 1GB of 4G data – that would be reasonable.