Moto Mods are pretty cool, taking every day mobile phone functions and accessories to a new level. The latest addition to the Moto Mods family is a magnetic vehicle dock for the Moto Z and Moto Z Play phones.

The dock easily attaches to any vehicles air conditioning vent for ease of setup and movement to another vehicle, your phone snaps in with ease thanks to the magnetic backing and releases just as easily thanks to the design. It’s got all of the functionality you’d expect for a modern phone too including rotation to allow for Android Auto use, USB C 15W fast charging (optional accessory) is there too.

With the apparent plateau of mobile phone specs, the battlefield is shifting to battery life and accessories with Motorola doing their best to lead the pack.

You can pick one up from the Motorola Website for $129

With phone specs being beyond the needs of most users, what are the specs or value ads that you look for when buying a phone?

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Adam J

I originally baulked at the price because this is the same Incipio car dock that sells for USD$65 on the Incipio website. But after shipping from Incipio it works out to AUD$107 + bank fees. Moto have 15% off until tomorrow bringing it on par at $109 with shipping included.

Luke Smith

I’ve been using one of these for about 3 months now. I imported it from the US. Its much better than a standard mount. The phone snaps on and off, no cable to plug in. It also launches Android Auto when you dock and kills it when you undock. I’m a big fan. No good with cases, covers or some bumpers, though, but that’s okay with me.

Greg McPherson

Neat, but $129 for a car mount…


Sounds cool, but what else does it do? ie. extra battery life? Sounds a bit much for a phone mount.


That is one expensive mount. Given you can buy a decent dedicated GPS mount and all for this price I am not sure it is great value. I am not surprised that it costs this much as mobile accessories especially in Australia are often way over priced.