Google Photos has to be one of Google’s greatest products and today it just got a whole lot better with the introduction of 3 new features aimed at making sharing and experiencing photos even easier. Announced on stage at Google IO 2017 Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries and Photo Books, all powered by Google Photo’s AI Assistant, have been added to Google Photos.

Suggested Sharing

Thanks to the new Suggested Sharing feature it is now incredibly easy to share those great photos with your friends and family. The Photos Assistant will now scan your photos for ‘great’ images of people in your library and then suggest which photos to share with them — simply review the photos, click share and send them off.

If you share images of a special event, say a birthday with a few of your friends, when they get those shared images, Google Photos will suggest adding photos from their own libraries to the collection. They can review the suggested images, select the ones you want to share, and share them back.

Suggested Sharing will be rolling out soon to Android, iOS and the Web.

Shared Libraries

With the new Shared Libraries, Google Photos can now automatically share your photos with whoever you choose. Using the new feature you gain the ability to share your whole library, a section of your library selected by date, or just images of specific people.

Shared Libraries will be rolling out soon to Android, iOS and the Web.

Photo Books

The final announcement for Google Photos is the introduction of Photo Books. That’s right a real physical photo book bringing your digital photos into the real world. Straight up front, the feature will only be available in the USA from today but they are planning to expand to “other markets” soon.

To create a photo book simply select all the images you want to include, Google Photos will then analyse them all and pick the best images to create your photo book. You can, of course, edit the final product before clicking print and getting a softcover book from $9.99 USD or hardcover from $19.99 for a hardcover.

You can bet we’ve reached out to Google Australia to be notified when/if Photo Books comes to Australia.

Google just keeps going from win to win with Google Photos and I for one am excited for these features and whatever comes next.

Source: Google.
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Russell Fletcher

I like the improved sharing of libraries, will make it easier for the family etc. While i would love the product and integration of the photobooks, to actually make something tangible with all these images… i just think back to when Apple introduced a postcard creation service that they would then print and post to the addressee and how i never heard or saw anything of it again. But will give it a go, its been nice to see the granular controls that have been slowly added to the video/album creations within Photos … oh and hopefully you can add… Read more »