Google loves 360-degree video, that’s been obvious for a while with the YouTube app a big feature for their VR and Cardboard platforms. It’s also viewable on the desktop, but hasn’t, so far been available on the TV…until now.

Google has announced at Google I/O that the YouTube app on streaming devices including the Xbox One, Android TV units and more will be able to view and experience 360-degree video on the big screen. Simply load up a 360-degree video, and then use the arrows on your remote to control the camera view in the 360-degree video. The introduction of support for 360-degree video in YouTube will also include Live YouTube videos as well, so concerts, live streams from YouTube Creators and more will be viewable on your TV.

Google has found that growth of people watching YouTube on the biggest screen in your house is growing, so adding 360-degree support is a natural step.

Google hasn’t announced when we’ll be seeing the 360-degree support on the YouTube app for smart tvs, consoles and Android TV, but we hope it isn’t too far away.