Google Assistant got a big shot in the arm yesterday with a functionality boost to match Google Home. As an extension of that, appliance makers LG and GE have announced that their appliances will now be Google Assistant compatible, allowing you to control them with your voice.

LG has announced that their Signature range of appliances, which includes washing machines and dryers, refrigerators, oven ranges and an air purifier, as well as the new LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ and LG smart air conditioner will be compatible with Google Assistant. It’s not going to stop there either, with LG intending to rollout Google Assistant functionality to more of their appliances in the future.

At CES earlier this year, LG announced Amazon Alexa capabilities for a number of their appliances, this expands the options for users to use Google Assistant – or Google Home – if that’s their preferred method of control.

Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company said of the announcement

Our partnership with Google demonstrates just how easy it is to smart-enable one’s home with friendly, approachable products. You don’t have to earn a degree in rocket science to design your very own smart home. We look forward to expanding our working relationship with Google and other innovators in this dynamic market in the years to come to make the smart home a reality for all.

GE has also announced that from today, the entire GE Appliances connected suite of products will integrate with the Google Assistant enabled Google Home. GE has given examples of the integrations for Google Assistant on GE appliances saying it will work with commands such as:

  • “Ok Google, ask Geneva Home to make hot water”
  • “Ok Google, ask Geneva Home to turn on Sabbath mode”
  • “Ok Google, ask Geneva Home if the dishes are clean”
  • “Ok Google, ask Geneva Home to preheat the oven to 350 degrees”
  • “Ok Google, ask Geneva Home is my laundry clean”

Liz VerSchure, vice president responsible for GE Appliances connected strategy said of their partnership integrating Google Assistant into their appliances:

Everyone’s busy these days and our consumers are looking for simpler and more convenient ways to control their home, especially when busy in the kitchen or working around the house. Integrating our full suite of connected appliances with the Google Assistant makes it easier for owners to control their appliances and get on with their day.

While LG appliances are available at almost all Australian appliance retailers, GE hasn’t got quite the presence here in Australia. Google Assistant has begun rolling out to phones here in Australia and yesterday Google announced Home will be launching in Australia in the coming months. With this additional integration, it makes Google Assistant a lot more attractive than Amazon’s Alexa which has yet to officially launch here in either app, or physical form with Echo making this move by Google a great way to capture some market share early.

Will this make you more inclined to buy LG or GE appliances?d

Source: GE.
Via: LG.