We have know for a while now that Google would be bringing a a web view for Google’s Allo chat/messaging service, but Google hasn’t as yet provided an exact date for when the web view would actually become available – until now.

Nick Fox, who is Google’s VP of product management has ow at least somewhat provided an exact time frame for when the web view for Allo would actually be coming, via a tweet from his account last week.

Fox stated that he uses the client on a daily basis, boasting that he has so far had good results. However, the product is still classed as under development and it will be at least another ‘month or two‘ until it’s ready for a public release.

Very much like Allo’s mobile apps, the web client will offer Google Assistant integration, smart replies, incognito chats, searches, stickers, and the rest of Allo’s big features.

One of the biggest gripes not only here in the Ausdroid office but very much public opinion is that the lack of multi-device support, so extending to the desktop is probably more than welcome rather than another sticker pack.

Source: 9 to 5 Google.
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eh. I love hangouts, the only thing that is missing is tagged replies to a specific user of a group. Otherwise quite awesome. I enjoyed Allo its a slick app, it was a serious error not have multi-device support. Once it does I’ll look back into it.

Michael Manning

There are many good and nice features of Allo, but I still can’t go past Hangouts cross device sync and email archiving with voice and video options. I’ve said it before, Google should really focus their efforts on perfecting one good product IMHO!


Yeah. Its my one messaging service. But I’m not a heavy messaging user.

Now I just use pushit to replay to messages on my pc.


Does anyone use it ? I looked at it and it did nothing for me.
It would be good to see other people’s opion on it to see if I should take another look.