Todoist is one of the leading productivity tools on the market for tracking your to do items and they do it well. There’s a massive amount of functionality to streamline processes and increase your efficiency, the latest improvement to this is a real-time integration with Google Calendar.

Setup is simple: Log into the web app, open settings, Integrations and connect your calendar.

As a heavy Google user and someone who now relies on Todoist, the practicality of it is wonderful. The sync is real-time and two way, offering the ability to add tasks via calendar and vice versa. The Todoist tasks are added to your Google Calendar (your choice of which calendar stream it uses) and can block out a set period of time around tasks that have a due date and time, as well as the configurable ability to either add tasks without a due date as an all day event or not map them at all.

The Todoist Blog covers all the detail you need to know about the newly added integration as well as some useful information such as this.

Quick Tip: You can set a custom event duration from Todoist on a task by task basis by typing something like [80m] into the task name. When you save the task, “[80m]” will be removed from the task name and a new Google Calendar event will be created with a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes. For now, this will only work using “m” (for minutes).

The continued development of their product is clearly one of the reasons that they’re at the pointy end of the productivity field.

What missing functionality would get you over the line and using Todoist?

Source: Todoist.
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Thanks for highlighting this app I am looking for a good advanced todo list app so will have a look at it.
I am not sure if this can do this yet but I would love an app that could plan your day around many jobs most of which do not have hard deadlines but can replan things if something important comes up. It would be good if you know you have x time for it to suggest what you could do from your list that would fit.


I love Todoist. Couldn’t recommend it more. I believe they have a free tier so give em a go. I’ve gone through quite a lot of the to-do apps out there and Todoist genuinely is one of the slickest out there. Excellent support across pretty much every system known to man. Frequently updated. It doesn’t have the feature you are talking about but imo I don’t think any of the To-do ecosystems do.