With Google officially announcing Google Assistant and Google Home for Australia many of us are trying to get the update onto our compatible devices. Unfortunately, Google has said that it’s only officially available in the US for users with English (US). Some users howerver are reporting that Assistant is just turning up, others are finding some workarounds make it appear, we have one method that seems to be working for many of us.

It’s simple, move country. Well actually just change languages from English (Australian) to English (United States) in the Languages & Input menu in settings. Some users are saying this is all that was required to Assistant to just magically appear. Now just this one step didn’t work for me, however, when I launched the Home app and went into Assistant settings and options for “Phone” appeared in that menu and that’s when Assistant roared to life on my Nexus 6.

This may just be coincidence and it was just a matter of time, or perhaps it does make the switch happen a litter faster. Of course, no Android update ‘hack’ would be complete without someone suggesting that you wipe your cache. Despite every Googler I’ve ever heard talk on the subject pleading for people not to unnecessarily wipe caches, apparently wiping the Google App Cache may help if all the other steps don’t work, however, wipe your Cache at your own risk.

Did this work for you? If not what steps have you found to hasten Assistant onto your non-Pixel device?

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    Joe Jongue

    Change the language to English US, return back to the home page, press and hold the home button and Google Assistant loads. Now just go back to settings and change the language back to English AU and boom, you now have Google Assistant AU 🙂

    Jamie Klaromenos

    I have tried clearing cache but still no assistant on 6p. It’s quite disappointing that iPhones are getting and app and Android users still don’t have access to Google Assistant


    Try changing your device language to US and google app language to US then I cleared the cache press the home button and you should get Assistant. That’s how i got mine. I also put all my languages back to AUS and still have Assistant now so might want to give this a try.


    I thought people knew about this already? You can get the Aussie Assistant, but don’t have settings for home automation/my day/news sources unless you switch back to US English temporarily.


    How do I do this cantgetgoogle assistant on my Nexus 5x in aus


    I have a 5X and finally got Google Assistant. When I heard iOS was getting Assistant I decided to force it on my phone by changing my device language to US and google app language to US then I cleared the cache and got Assistant. I put all my languages back to AUS and still have Assistant now so might want to give this a try.

    Eric Yew

    I did this a few weeks ago and it worked. However, things like home control doesn’t work. I can setup my smartthings, but no devices will show up. If I change it back to English Australia, home control disappears.

    Duncan Jaffrey

    The controls will go but any services​you linked it any shortcuts you made will still work

    Reuben Fergusson

    I’ve been running assistant on my 6P in Aus for months now. Just changed the language to US and during I/O I changed it to English Aus and now I have the Australian Assistant. Google home is wining that it can’t use that language so it’s still in US.

    Neerav Bhatt

    Changed phone language to US English and I’ve got Google Assistant on Oppo R9s Plus running Color OS (marshmallow)

    LoneWolf Tri

    Works fine for me on my Galaxy S8+. Language set to Australian and talks with Aussie accent. Came this way out of the box.

    Dean Rosolen

    I think the S8 comes preloaded with Assistant.