Macca’s needs no introduction to Aussies. They have always been about fast food and convenience. Now with the introduction of a new app they are looking to streamline this convenience even more.

The mymacca’s Mobile Ordering app allows the user to pre-order your meal and pay for it from your mobile phone. According to McDonald’s, the app allows you to order your meal as you approach the restaurant, which can be found with the app itself. You can then have the ordered already paid for and ready for pickup (take away), dine in or even delivered to your table.

You can save and re-order your favourite meals from within the app as well as participate in the McCafé loyalty program. For a limited time there are “hidden value offers” within the menu of the mobile app.

At this stage it does not work with drive-thru but well we shouldn’t be using our phones in the car and after seeing all the potential applications for Google Assistant this week we can definitely see some potential for not just Google Assistant integration but also Android Auto to allow the user to easily order their favourite meal on the go.

Mark Wheeler, Director of Digital of McDonald’s Australia says:

“When people think of McDonald’s they think convenience and accessibility, so we’ve developed the mymacca’s mobile ordering app to take advantage of smartphone technology”

At this stage the feedback on the app in the Play Store isn’t great but remember to help it improve, feedback is required, so expect it to get better the more people send feedback to the developers. At this stage there is no support for payment using Android Pay from within the app but hopefully that will come soon considering McDonald’s are an Android Pay partner.

The app has previously been available for selected stores in only a couple of states but is now available for all stores in all states.

If you often frequent Macca’s this could well be the app to streamline your life even further. Have you tried using their app? Do you like it?

Price: To be announced
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Why can I not download the app from older version on samsung galaxy tab3? Can this be fixed where I can get offers too?


You know, if it wasn’t for this website I wouldn’t know half the things on offer from the play store. These types of apps are very handy. I hate standing in line to order anything, especially food when people hum and haw… god, just order for gods sake lol. Anyway, I find the dominos app very handy, mainly because you can track down coupons before ordering and save some mula. The macca’s app is long over due. I did have a login issue with the maccas app though. It kept saying email address already in use…. arrgggh! turns out the… Read more »

Chris Rowland

Yeah I had the same issue; the older mymaccas app (which never worked) uses the same u&p as well. However, once I figured that out, I logged in straight away and it worked first time.

Shouldn’t eat too much Maccas, but this does make it easier.