Late last year we were lucky enough to get to test out the new radio app, RadioApp, which was released by Commercial Radio Australia focusing specifically on Australian radio stations. Unfortunately I lamented the lack of Android Auto integration but we were assured it was on the development roadmap. The app has hit that point in the road and is now functional with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

With many more cars arriving with Android Auto built into the infotainment system it is essential that new apps include this integration in their apps. RadioApp not only allows you to set your favourite local stations but also nearby stations which obviously helps on long road trips.

The integration into Android Auto has been worth the wait. The menu items are well set out with the choice of how they are grouped very intuitive. The icons that make the app so colourful and easy on the eye have made their way across to the Android Auto interface as well. As you can see in my screenshots below the setup is simple and easy to use, just how Android Auto is designed to be.

The CEO of Commercial Radio Australia said of the new car stereo integration:

Through RadioApp, listeners can easily discover local stations while travelling, access their favourites list, and control the app safely through their connected car dashboard.
Consumers today expect freedom and connectivity and we want to make sure they can listen to their favourite local radio stations however they want and wherever they are.
Our aim is to make RadioApp the ultimate go-to for streaming live local radio. Now users will be able to take RadioApp on the road, with a smooth transition from the phone to the car dashboard.

RadioApp allows listeners access access over 250 commercial radio stations around Australia, as well as ABC, SBS and DAB+ digital radio stations. So far, since it’s launch in November last year, the app has been downloaded over 140,000 times.

If you have Android Auto (or Apple CarPlay) in your vehicle I highly recommend giving this RadioApp a try. It works really well with Android Auto, is a lot better than many other radio apps I have tried, and is specific for Australia. The app gives the user access to so many radio stations that they otherwise may not know exist.

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    Shane Purss

    Works well! Only thing I would like to see is that they add the ‘Just Played’ feature on android auto as they have with the app so you can see what song is playing or has just played.

    Luke Vesty

    Nice! I’ve got a 2017 Subaru Impreza with Android Auto so I’ll definitely give it a go. Does it have controls to limit the bit rate? If not, do we know the average amount of data the app uses per hour?

    EDIT: Just checked the app and it’s 14mb per hour. Basically nothing! Brilliant. Seeing I’m on Telstra with a 10GB limit I’ve effectively got a digital radio now in my car.


    I don’t have a car with android auto, so I just use bluetooth. But previously I was using the radio Australia app (white arrow in a purple circle) and was always being annoyed by full screen pop up ads. I hope if this one takes off they release a pro version, as I find this one much more easier to use and would hate seeing this fall into the ‘can’t remove ads’ category in the future.

    Dan Goodes

    First world problems, I know, but I wish this was one of the supported apps that get to stream data-free on Optus. They do support iHeartRadio, of course, but that service only has a very small handful of local stations – many of the local Melbourne stations are missing.


    This app looks like a big Fail to me seeing it only has the commercial stations and the ABC and SBS. While not everyone out there listens to community stations I nearly exclusively do and so this app is totally useless. It also seems extremely slow to load and navigate and a total waste of my time installing.

    Troy Dunton

    Worked great for me today as well and it launched the stations much quicker than using TuneIn.