Following Google’s big I/O reveal of Standalone Daydream VR Headsets, we’re now seeing their announced partners start to tease their devices. Today Lenovo has launched heir new microsite to tease their upcoming headset.

While the site is light on detail and heavy on inspiring images of virtual landscapes there is one tiny detail that I think may set the Lenovo headset apart. Looking at the line drawn outline of the Lenovo headset reveals a very interesting design detail, what may be a hinge.

If you look at where the headband attaches to the visor part of the headset you’ll see a detail that looks a lot like a hinge. this may indicate that the Lenovo headset can pivot up to allow “real world vision” a marketing term I’d like to trademark please internet (I just email it to myself right!). Having used a few VR headset’s I’d actually fund that really useful. That said it could just as well be a design decision and house no hinge at all, as they say ‘Time will tell’.

If you want to sign up for details check out their page, otherwise feast your eyes on the teaser video below.

Source: Lenovo.