It’s pretty rare these days that we print photos, but there’s some lovely shots I have that I print to stick on the fridge or other places. It’s annoying having to go get them printed, so it might be worth looking at the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

The Sprocket is a pocket-sized, battery powered photo printer you can take anywhere which can print 2×3” photos on Zero Ink (ZINK) paper in full colour. The prints are also versatile with an option to peel off the back and use the sticky back to put the pic anywhere.

ZINK embeds all the ink and consumables into a single sheet, allowing you to not have to worry about ink tanks drying up when you need them the most, they’re also smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. ZINK isn’t exactly cheap though with a 20-pack of 2×3″ ZINK paper costing $20 – that’s $1 per sheet – but they’re a neat idea.

You can print photos from anywhere – your camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and more – thanks to the HP Sprocket App which is available for both iOS and Android in a flash. The app even lets you apply filters, frames and even text before printing to add a personal touch. Once you’re done, use Bluetooth to send the image to the printer and you’re done.

I’ve used ZINK printers previously and they’re handy to have at events like family get togethers, birthday parties etc. when you may want to swap a nice pic. The 2×3″ size of the photos are also perfectly suited to adding to your wallet – something I use it for a lot.

If you’d like to check one out, they’re $199 and available in black or white and available on the HP Australia website.

Source: HP.
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While the Canon Selphy is a lot bigger it also prints standard 4×6″ prints and for ~50c a print. There are business card sized stickers you can get too but they are closer to the $1/ print. The best thing the printer is only ~$120 + a bit more if you want the battery. I have one of these and can say they are great too.

There is also a similar product to this HP one from Fuji in their Instax line.