NVIDIA are the makers of some highly desirable consumer electronics. Initially well known for their PC graphics cards NVIDIA recently expanded into the Android space with the lust-worthy Shield range of products. There’s just one problem, they don’t sell their first party products in Australia, well as of today they’re starting.

Now before you get excited for official sales of the Shield family, just hold your horses, this news isn’t related to that, unfortunately. What NVIDIA has announced is that they are selling their NVIDIA branded Founders Edition GTX 1080 TI and the previously unreleased in Australia GTX 1080 Xp, NVIDIA’s premium gaming card.

For PC gaming Nerds NVIDIA is almost ubiquitous as the go to Graphics card brand, and owning a NVIDIA Founders Edition is up there in the bragging rites arena. Now these are the 2 most expensive domestic cards the make, and they cost $1,129 and $1,950 AUD respectfully, however they are direct marketing them in Australia, that’s new and could forecast great things.

Now I have to admit, I’m a PC Nerd, and a bit of a gamer so just on that level this is great news for me, however, this represents the first time NVIDIA has directly marketed their products to Australia, and may (I’m going out on a limb here) signal a shift in their overall strategy to the Australian Market. I just hope we’re not judged on our uptake of their 2 most expensive domestic GPUs.

Could we see the Shield Tablet, Shield TV or maybe even the incoming NVIDIA Spot (which I desperately want) officially to Australia?

You can bet we’re going to ask!

Source: NIVIDIA.