Google Assistant is pretty much going to be everywhere now, and while Android Home didn’t make it, the Assistant in Google Home did and it’s flourishing. According to a new update, Ikea’s range of TRÅDFRI smart lighting will be joining up with the Google Assistant quite soon.

Announced in March, the Ikea TRÅDFRI smart lighting range includes a number of devices including a gateway (to control the lights individually with an app), a dimming kit, motion sensor, remote control and of course various bulbs. The announcement will see Ikea add compatibility with not just the Google Assistant, but with Amazon Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit as well.

The TRÅDFRI line can already control their lighting with either a remote control or TRÅDFRI app but Ikea says:

In the summer and fall will be able to connect their smart lighting with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and install and adjust the lighting using Apple Home app and make it work together with other accessories used together with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa – such as thermostats, door locks, sensors, ceiling fans, blinds and more.

With a ‘Summer’ launch for compatibility with Google Assistant, this means that by the time IKEA launches the TRÅDFRI range in Australia ‘in early 2018’, Google Assistant will be well and truly integrated.

Source: Ikea.
Via: 9to5Google.
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    Phill Edwards

    Which summer? North or south?

    Luke Vesty

    The future, today… Well, in summer.

    So that’s the future… in the future.