We all know that Google are big on collaborative work flows and whether paper loving people like it or not, the way forward is electronic. For companies using G Suite this is where the Jamboard comes in.

The premise is simple, an electronic whiteboard that allows users from geographically diverse locations to collaborate on a single whiteboard, save the work and share the ideas in real time.

For those using the Jamboard, there’s styluses and an eraser included for the physical screen, where you can simply add sticky notes, emoji and web content onto the screen for all to have input. People who are remotely collaborating don’t have to have a Jamboard, they just need the app on their Android or iOS device to be able to interact with your shared workspace.

Jamboard is now available for purchase in three funky colours – cobalt blue, carmine red and graphite grey – in the US with the intent to expand availability to the UK and Canada in the coming months, with further expansion planned over time. But be warned, it’s not cheap – Running at US$4999 outright, plus there’s annual management and support costs associated as well.

I’m not sure what sort of uptake a product like this will get but if nothing else it’s a further development in cloud capabilities for multi site businesses.

How do you see a product like Jamboard could change the way business operates for you?

Source: Google Blog.