After PayPal and Google announced last month that they will be offering US customers the chance to use their PayPal credentials in Android Pay, it looks as though the integration is going live. But will it come here?

The PayPal integration is showing up for users inside the PayPal app, giving customers whose banks have been slow to the Android Pay, or just the Tap & Pay party a way to add their credit card from any provider to Google’s digital wallet. The PayPal app is reportedly showing a splash screen that gives the details saying:

It appears that when setting up PayPal for Android Pay you’re simply setting up a PayPal branded Discover card. But, it works – and that, for those of us still waiting on their banks to get pull their proverbial fingers out of their …. is all we really want.

So, how about Australian access to this wonderful shortcut to Android Pay? Well, the news isn’t great. Unfortunately PayPal’s Australian arm had this to say about the Android Pay integration:

Currently, the PayPal integration with Android Pay is only available for customers in the U.S. As we learn from the integration in the U.S., we hope to explore expanding this integration into other markets but we have nothing more to share at this time.

So, while it’s a great thing for everyone in the US, for those of us still waiting, the wait continues. Now, excuse me while I go rage tweet St George again.

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    Gregory Eden

    I have Bendigo Bank Android Pay that works just fine. Also my local Coles and Woolies have new self serve checkouts that will scan FlyBuys and Rewards. At Coles you use the secondary scanner on the side toward the top for FlyBuys. All in one app woo hoo. All I need in my wallet is my drivers license. And yes I did open an account with Bendigo just to get Android Pay because I got sick of waiting for Westpac. I still keep my Rewards card in the car because the local servo cannot scan the barcode on my phone,… Read more »


    Reward card scanning issues mostly occur due to older scanning technologies being used. Which is why you find it works on Woolies self serve checkouts but not always at your local servo. If you have a Samsung device, try Samsung Pay for your loyalty cards. Recently Samsung acquired mobeam, which is a service that uses the LED notification light on your Samsung phone to beam a light signal at the older laser scanners which will be recognised as your rewards card barcode. Apple unfortunately does not have this technology on their devices. Most company’s are however phasing out the older… Read more »