Our day-to-day data needs are increasing, and Mobile Virtual Network Operator Vaya has today announced users on their top tier L and XL plans will be getting more data – for the same price.

The update sees their L plan gain an additional 1GB of data for a total of 4GB, for just $26 per month, while their XL plan jumps 2GB per month to 10GB in total per month for just $36 per month. The Vaya plans all include unlimited calls to standard Australian numbers as well as unlimited TXT (incl MMS) and Voicemail. The top tier plans updated today also include an option to add 200 min of international calls to 100 select countries for $2 if that’s your thing.

While Vaya was great value before, the addition of more data to their top tier plans and their famous Price Beat Guarantee makes choosing Vaya an easy decision for anyone who loves great value and service.

The Vaya network is powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network, with their coverage map available on their website for anyone to check out before signing up.

It’s a great time to join up to Vaya too with the MVNO offering a bonus 5GB Data-only SIM if you sign up to any of their mobile plans before June 16th.

If you’re in the market for a new SIM-only mobile plan, the Vaya offerings really are too good not to check out. Head over and check them out on the Vaya website.

Source: Vaya.
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    Tom Sekulic

    Spoke to Vaya today. If you’re an existing customer, you don’t automatically get upgraded with extra data, even though the plan name has remained the same.
    Instead, they’re asking that you pay a $5 “plan change fee” + $2/month (compulsory) for free calls. This is very misleading as they clearly state in T&C that $2/month is optional and not compulsory!

    Phill Edwards

    Their price guarantee isn’t worth much. If another provider has more data but for less money Vaya claim it’s not a directly comparable plan and dismiss it. Go figure!