With Google announcing a bunch of new and exciting features for Google Photos on stage at the I/O 2017 Keynote we weren’t expecting any more Google Photos features to roll out any time soon. Well one just did, Archiving. And just like it sounds it lets you archive images and videos from your main stream into a separate, but entirely backed up and safe, Archive gallery.

The update seems to be server side as we haven’t received a update before the new feature appearing, all of us who have it are running version 2.15.0x. To check if you have it just jump into Google Photos and see if you have a “See what’s new” flag on the hamburger menu button. If you do you’re golden.

If you do have the new option you an go into your photo stream and select any images you want to archive, or hide from the main view. After selection tap the images you want to archive, select the overflow menu button and select archive. You can also tap the menu button while viewing any image to send it to the archive.

So far we’ve seen the new feature on several of our devices but for me at least it’s not available on the web. As always we can expect the roll out to take several days to reach all of our devices as well as the web and possibly iOS.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Peter M

It’s already shown up for me!