If there’s one thing most people love to know about it’s the weather and Accuweather has today launched an Android TV app with almost all the weather information you could want.

The app is available for Android TV – and my Bravia and Nexus Player are both supported – with a nice leanback experience that fits with the aesthetic of the platform. The app is customisable with your location, as well as wether you want your information delivered in metric or imperial units. It’s available in over 30 languages so you should find something to help you.

The app contains the usual ‘real feel’ temperature, as well as actual temperature and conditions as well as minute-by-minute weather forecasts. If you’re in more than one place often enough, or just want to keep an eye on where family members live you can add in multiple locations. The map view is also interesting as well, allowing you to get radar data showing cloud cover.

It’s hard to see where the company gets their data from, and they’re certainly not very open about that part but it appears to be the National Weather Service in the US. Accuweather in their release say ‘AccuWeather and Google have a long-standing partnership, collaborating to bring the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings in the world to Android customers’. It’s certainly different to the Bureau of Meteorology but not overly so, so it’s still fairly accurate data – overall it’s pretty good.

Steven Smith, President of Digital Media at AccuWeather said of the launch:

The new AccuWeather app for Android TV provides viewers with the most accurate, personalized weather experience available in the world. AccuWeather is proud to expand our partnership with Google through the Android TV platform, joining together to save more lives

There’s some videos built-in to the app for you to watch, no sign of ads in either the app or the videos at this stage, so if that’s your thing you’re set, but overall it’s a weather app, it works and if you have Android TV you should probably try it out.

AccuWeather: Weather Radar
AccuWeather: Weather Radar
Developer: AccuWeather
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
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    I’m pleased to read this post!

    Tutuapp apk download

    The ability to see “real feel” as the main temp on the widget is a winner. Never really understood the point in measuring temperature as “actual” when it feels 10 degrees cooler for whatever reason. I just wanna know how cold/warm it’s gonna feel cos that’s how I know what clothes to wear! Well done accuweather.
    The free version of app is now available on Tutuapp.


    Accuweather … the most unreliable weather service around.