HTC has just gone live with Australian pre-orders for its U11 flagship smartphone on its website at a price of AU$999 as announced late last week.

With no exact launch date yet announced for the U11, HTC’s page lists “June 2017” as the shipping date.

It also looks like direct sales of the phone in Australia will be limited to Silver and Black colours as they’re the only options available on the page. We hope to see some other colours end up on carriers, but with carrier deals yet to be announced for the U11 that’s just speculation.

If you want to buy a HTC U11 outright and be one of the first in the country to own one, head over to HTC’s Australian U11 pre-order page and you can get in on the action.

Will you be pre-ordering a U11 from HTC, or are you waiting for carrier deals? Tell us in the comments.

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Matthew Becker
3 years ago

Waiting patiently for a Telstra announcement.

Reply to  Matthew Becker
3 years ago

Telstra will have this on July 4

Matthew McQuilty
3 years ago

Frankly a much more interesting prospect than the U ultra. But most people seem uninterested now that the damage has been done. HTC are forever shooting themselves in the foot.

jimmy cychowski
Reply to  Matthew McQuilty
3 years ago

I agree to a certain degree, I’m currently using a htc10 and it’s probably the best smartphone I’ve used, it’s music playback from it’s headphone jack is wonderful, and everything else is more than adequate in the camera etc ,however I’m sort of gutted that htc has removed it with it’s successor the U11, here’s​ hoping the USB-C to headphone jack has a dedicated Dac and amplifier. Htc has one main problem and that’s in it’s marketing in Australia, it’s pretty much non existent, I’ve never seen a advertisement for the company, on television or billboards etc, on social media… Read more »