+ Tuesday January 28th, 2020

After launching the Moto G5 late last month with a 4G/2G setup for their Dual-SIM handset, Motorola Australia has advised Ausdroid that the testing to update the phone to a 4G/3G capable dual-SIM setup is now underway.

In a statement given to Ausdroid, Motorola Australia said:

“We are still going through the rounds of testing certification at a global level and local level before we can commit to a date. As we get closer to the OTA push out we will notify everyone via social media and PR announcement.”

Australia’s three mobile telcos are progressively shutting down their 2G services. Telstra has already done so, Optus is partly done and Vodafone plans to do so by September 2017.

Ausdroid’s review of the Moto G5 did state that the second SIM has hardware capable of 3G but needed a software patch to enable that.

Several readers have expressed disappointment that Motorola didn’t include a note in the packaging advising that the Moto G5 was SIM1 4G/SIM2 2G out of the box, with a 2nd SIM 3G enabling software update coming soon.

We hope that the software update is available quickly, and will advise when Motorola has further updates.

Readers have advised that the Moto G5 Plus dual SIM 4G/3G feature does work out of the box, without need for a patch.

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William Achy
William Achy

There have been a couple of system updates to the G5 in past months, but the secon SIM will still only support 2G, having just tested again today after the latest system update was applied. Very disappointing and frustrating!

I reached out to Motorola directly last year and was given the same story by them… but nothing now some 9 months down the track. Any further word on your end?


the end of the year has passed by….but Motorola has still not delivered the patch ….


Any word on the 4g/3g update?

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